place to eat istanbul

Place to eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, offering a wide variety of traditional Turkish cuisine and international flavors.

Here are some popular places to eat in Istanbul:

Sultanahmet Köftecisi:

Located in Sultanahmet, this iconic restaurant has been serving köfte (meatballs) since 1920. It’s known for its delicious, juicy meatballs and traditional Turkish side dishes.

Ciya Sofrası:

Situated in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul, Ciya Sofrası offers a unique experience with its wide selection of regional Turkish dishes. The restaurant focuses on traditional Anatolian cuisine and offers a buffet-style dining experience.

Karaköy Lokantası:

A popular spot for lunch or dinner, Karaköy Lokantası is located in the trendy Karaköy neighborhood. It offers a modern twist on traditional Turkish dishes, with a menu that changes daily based on fresh ingredients.

Çiya Kebap:

Another gem in Kadikoy, Çiya Kebap specializes in traditional Turkish kebabs and grilled meats. The restaurant sources high-quality ingredients and prepares them with expertise, offering a range of flavorful dishes.


Known for its flamboyant chef, Salt Bae, Nusr-Et is a steakhouse with several locations in Istanbul. It’s famous for its high-quality meat cuts and theatrical presentation. Reservation is recommended due to its popularity.


Located in the historic Spice Bazaar, Pandeli is a historic restaurant that has been serving Ottoman cuisine since 1901. It offers a selection of traditional dishes, including stews, kebabs, and desserts, in a charming setting.

Meze by Lemon Tree:

Situated in the trendy neighborhood of Karaköy, Meze by Lemon Tree is a popular meyhane (traditional Turkish tavern) known for its delicious meze (appetizers). It’s a great place to enjoy a relaxed evening with a variety of small dishes.

Lokanta Maya:

Located in the hip area of Karaköy, Lokanta Maya offers a contemporary twist on Turkish cuisine. The menu features seasonal ingredients and creative dishes that blend Turkish and international flavors.

Hamdi Restaurant:

With stunning views of the historic Sultanahmet area and the Bosphorus, Hamdi Restaurant is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. It specializes in traditional Turkish cuisine, including kebabs and meze, with a focus on quality ingredients.

Sunset Grill & Bar:

For a luxurious dining experience with breathtaking views, Sunset Grill & Bar is a top choice. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Ulus, it offers a combination of international and Turkish cuisine, accompanied by panoramic views of the Bosphorus.

These are just a few examples of the many dining options available in Istanbul. The city is filled with restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls offering a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every palate. Exploring local neighborhoods and seeking recommendations from locals can lead you to hidden culinary gems as well.


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