Place to eat : Ephesus restaurants

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Place to eat Ephesus Restaurants:

When visiting Ephesus, there are several restaurants and eateries in the surrounding area where you can enjoy a meal.

Here are some popular places to eat in Ephesus:

Şirince Village Restaurants:

Şirince is a charming village located near Ephesus, and it offers a variety of restaurants and cafes serving traditional Turkish cuisine. You can try local dishes such as köfte (meatballs), kebabs, mezes (appetizers), and homemade desserts. Many restaurants in Şirince also offer beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Selçuk Town Restaurants:

Selçuk is the nearest town to Ephesus, and it has a range of dining options to choose from. You can find restaurants serving both Turkish and international cuisines. Explore the town’s streets and discover local eateries where you can sample Turkish delights such as pide (Turkish pizza), lahmacun (thin-crust meat pizza), and various kebab dishes.

Ephesus Museum Cafe:

The Ephesus Archaeological Museum in Selçuk has a cafe where you can enjoy light snacks, sandwiches, and refreshments. It’s a convenient spot to take a break and grab a quick bite while exploring the museum.

Local Street Food:

As you walk through the streets of Selçuk or near the entrance of the Ephesus archaeological site, you’ll come across street food vendors selling traditional Turkish snacks. You can try gözleme (thin savory pancakes), simit (sesame-coated bread rings), or freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Pide Restaurants:

Pide is a type of Turkish pizza made with a boat-shaped flatbread and various toppings. In Selçuk, you’ll find pide restaurants where you can indulge in this delicious specialty. These restaurants often have an open oven where you can see the pide being freshly baked.

Seafood Restaurants:

If you’re a seafood lover, consider trying one of the seafood restaurants in Selçuk or Kusadasi, a nearby coastal town. You can savor fresh fish and seafood dishes prepared in the Turkish style.

Local Markets:

For a unique dining experience, you can visit local markets in Selçuk and Ephesus that have food stalls serving freshly prepared Turkish street food. You can sample a variety of dishes, such as börek (savory pastries), döner kebab, and Turkish desserts.

When choosing a place to eat, consider checking online reviews, recommendations from locals or your accommodation, and the ambiance and menu options that appeal to you. Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions from locals, as they can often provide valuable insights into the best dining experiences in the area.


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