Place to eat: Canakkale restaurants

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Place to eat Canakkale: Canakkale restaurants

When it comes to dining in Canakkale, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, cafes, and eateries offering a range of Turkish and international cuisines.

Here are some recommended places to eat in Canakkale:

Liman Restaurant:

Located on the waterfront, Liman Restaurant offers a beautiful view of the sea and serves a variety of seafood dishes. Enjoy fresh fish, grilled octopus, and other seafood specialties.

Kordon Lokantasi:

Situated along the Canakkale Promenade, Kordon Lokantasi is a popular spot for traditional Turkish cuisine. Try their kebabs, mezes (appetizers), and local dishes like manti (Turkish dumplings) or imam bayildi (stuffed eggplant).

3K Cin Bal:

Known for its delicious breakfast spread, 3K Cin Bal is a charming cafe and restaurant located near the city center. Enjoy a selection of cheeses, olives, pastries, and traditional Turkish breakfast items.

Aynalı Çarşı:

This historic covered market is a great place to sample local food and snacks. Try Canakkale’s famous mussels, stuffed grape leaves, and other Turkish street food offerings.

Kule Restaurant:

Situated near the Canakkale Martyrs’ Memorial, Kule Restaurant offers panoramic views of the city and the Dardanelles Strait. Enjoy a variety of Turkish dishes and international cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Aspava Canakkale:

If you’re in the mood for fast food, Aspava is a popular chain known for its doner kebabs, pide (Turkish pizza), and grilled meats. It’s a good option for a quick and satisfying meal.

Ezine Peynircisi:

This cheese shop and restaurant in Canakkale is renowned for its selection of local Ezine cheeses. Enjoy a cheese platter accompanied by traditional Turkish bread, olives, and other accompaniments.

Ciya Sofrasi:

Although not strictly in Canakkale (it’s located in nearby Gelibolu), Ciya Sofrasi is worth mentioning for its excellent Turkish cuisine. This restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes from different regions of Turkey.

Köfteci Ali Baba:

For meat lovers, Köfteci Ali Baba is a popular choice. This restaurant specializes in köfte (meatballs) and offers a range of options served with traditional Turkish sides.

Canakkale Pidecisi:

If you’re craving pide, the Turkish version of pizza, Canakkale Pidecisi is a good place to go. They offer a variety of pide toppings and sizes to suit different preferences.

These are just a few of the many dining options available in Canakkale. When exploring the city, be sure to ask locals for recommendations as well, as they may suggest hidden gems or local favorites.


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